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March 2021

This spring is coming to us with fresh air and wind changes!

As we love snowdrops and warm sun (which is rather rare these days), so much we love strong communities that are there for their members whenever they need it, both professionally and personally.

Therefore, from now on, at Avoteca, you will be able to see:

✅ A cohesive community that will respond to lawyers needs and in which lawyers will be able to express their opinion freely.

The Avoteca community app is a place where innovative and visionary lawyers have a safe space for themselves, where they can share knowledge, discuss legal issues, plan meetings and social outings and much more.

✅ We are promoting cooperation.

To offer clients the best possible services, we have created optimal spaces for starting and continuing the collaboration between lawyers members of Avoteca.

Lawyers have at their disposal the Avoteca dashboard, where they launch a collaboration request, or the Avoteca community application, where they calmly communicate with your colleagues.

✅ We are prioritising quality over quantity.

We will interact directly with our community lawyers, making sure our visions align. Avoteca is an exclusive community of visionary and open to new lawyers who understand each other’s needs and offer support. From the very beginning, we have strived to bring the best possible legal services to clients, and for this, we need lawyers who develop their law practice with a view to the future.

If you consider yourself an open-minded lawyer, ready to turn your practice into something spectacular, and you would like the law to go further than it is today, join us today!

I wish you a beautiful day,


Co-founder & CEO of Avoteca | Lawyer

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Avoteca. We are an enthusiast team that works towards the advancement of legal services by supporting independent lawyers. We strive to change the way people access, communicate and search for legal professionals, redefining the lawyer-client relationships efficiently. Through the Avoteca Platform, lawyers can grow their client portfolio, while those seeking for legal services have unlimited access to professionals specialised on their issue. Do you need a lawyer? Are you a lawyer and you want to increase your clientele? Come on the Avoteca Platform to find out more: