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December 2020 - February 2021

Lately, we have focused our attention on the development of the platform and implicitly, our community.

2020 has not been an easy year, and if we take our lessons from what it was, most likely 2021 will not be one of the lightest years either. However, our goal remains the same - to help lawyers grow professionally.

Here are the most fascinating improvements and transformations of the platform:

  • All communications will be made only between the lawyer and the potential client.

  • Personalized link with your first and last name.

The profile link is personalized so that lawyers can share their profile on social networks and use it as a real website of the professional activity.

Thus, lawyers not only present their activity professionally but also save the cost of a website, with all the maintenance behind it (which can even reach even more than 800 euros!).

  • We now have a Romanian translated dashboard with legal needs.

Lawyers no longer have to tell their clients that they cannot help them. If they have a potential client outside the platform that can no longer serve or who wants a service that does not fall within their area of ​​expertise, they can redirect the client to the dashboard Avoteca. It saves not only their image but also other colleagues of your lawyers who have availability and work in that field of activity.

  • We have made various SEO and privacy improvements to the profile pages.

I wish you a beautiful day,


Co-founder & CEO of Avoteca | Lawyer

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