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November 2020

A community based on values is a community that is formed slowly but beautifully, keeping only the elements that fit together. It implies an authentic approach, built over time on truth and realistic expectations. Because what would we be without time? Time is in everything, and everything of quality grows and develops over time.

That's why, in November, we focused even more on the initial idea of community, bringing new features to help lawyers thrive, develop their offices over time, consistently and authentically.

Check out our new features and how they can help lawyers:

  • Dashboard for legal needs Now anyone can write their legal request, job offer or collaboration proposal directly on our dashboard. All messages are visible to all lawyers in the community (checked and approved), which can apply to these proposals.

Therefore, clients have now two posibilities of contacting lawyers - a legal marketplace, for contacting directly a specific lawyer & a dashboard for legal needs, for writing to the entire community in the same time.

  • Geolocation of the law firm It helps users to find those legal professionals who are closer to their point of interest. The functionality indicates on the map the location of the law office and facilitates identifying the lawyer or law firm according to the mentioned address.

  • Displaying the content created by the lawyer on his profile* To help lawyers strengthen their position as a professional and expert in their field, this feature aims to display on the lawyer's profile, the content he has created for the Avoteca community, whether it is about thematic articles, episodes of podcast or participation in community events. *This feature is only available to Premium attorneys.

Besides, this month we brought a series of UX / UI improvements to attract more business customers.

November Events

  1. Our founder and CEO, Ana-Maria, joined the over 30 internationally renowned speakers who shared their stories and expertise at the Legal Accelerators 2020 - LegalTech & Innovation conference.
legal accelerator

Ana-Maria was part of the Alternative Digital Life panel, where she spoke to the audience about the stages of legal entrepreneurship and the importance of authenticity in the path of professional growth.

The event also addressed other current topics, such as: ☑ Legal technology ☑ Innovation in law ☑ The future of the legal professions ☑ Cybersecurity and data protection ☑ AI and Blockchain ☑ Regulation and ethics of legal technology ☑ Legal marketing ☑ Digital markets ☑ Digitization of the public sector

Find out from this article what this experience was like for us and why we recommend to any legal professional participating in this event.

  1. When our people get involved in notable actions, we want to tell you!

Our colleague, Monica, moderated the ROportunitati event organized by Înapoi Acasă - an event dedicated to Romanians who returned home and decided to give Romania another chance.

The subject was even dearer to us, because, although they met in Lisbon, Monica and Ana, the Co-founder of Avoteca, started collaborating after Ana decided to be one of those Romanians who returned home.

You can see Monica here

  1. The Avoteca story, the Legal Tale podcast and legal marketing in 2020

Invited to the NoLetter podcast, Ana-Maria talked to Radu Zaharia about legal marketing and the possibilities of promoting lawyers in Romania.

Ana also talked about what determined her to become a lawyer and how an idea and a need felt thousands of miles away from home turned into a real project - the Avoteca platform (practically our story).

🎧 Listen to the entire episode

Humanitarian causes in which we are involved

👨🏻 #Movember was a particular month for our team. Proposed by the Avoteca CTO, Gautier Briard, the movement quickly caught our attention, so we sat with him for a virtual coffee to find out the story behind it.


More about what Movember is and how we were all involved, you can find directly in this article

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next updates!

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