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Summer Updates: June - August 2020

If you'd asked us in April-May what the summer of 2020 looked like for our team, we wouldn't have known how to answer you. We had the roadmap of the project, but with everything that is happening globally, the uncertainty was also taking place in our minds. Two coffees later and a review of our plan, we knew what we had to do and went back to work.

  • New features on the platform

We've launched two new features designed to save you time and bring you closer to your customers: your contact list and reviews.

  • Avoteca Team grew!

The Avoteca team is slowly growing, this time with two more talented people, in the area of MarCom and technological infrastructure.

We put our skills together to bring our contribution to a more accessible, transparent and secure legal environment. We will have more to share soon!

  • Continous learning and self-development

When it comes to start-ups, participating in accelerator programs contributes a lot to learning and developing it.

Avoteca has been selected in the InnovX - BCR Acceleration Program, and we are delighted to announce that we are one of the ten finalists from InnovX - BCR Grinders Cohort 2020.

It was an intense six weeks, in which we found mentors and participants who inspired us and gave us the courage to move on.

  • You ask, we answer!

We started #AvotecaRaspunde / #AvotecaAnswers - a section dedicated to both lawyers and those without legal knowledge, both on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The initiative came after we received various questions on social networks about the relationship between the client and the lawyer - how to contact a lawyer, how much I pay and other exciting topics.

  • We organized our first Facebook Live!

And it was amazing!

We organized the talk on the occasion of the Lawyer's Day in Romania. We discussed with our guests about the challenges, advantages and peculiarities of the legal profession in Romania in 2020, taking into account the context of the COVID crisis and digitalization.

PS: If there is a topic in the legal industry that you would like to be debated by lawyers on the Avoteca platform, give us an email with more details.

And that's how our summer was, full! We are super excited and are preparing new features, along with more news that we will soon share here!

Legal Tale Podcast News

Episode #18

In this episode, Cristian Florea, Social Media Strategist, talked to us about LinkedIn and the mysteries behind this social network. We addressed topics such as:

  • Why use LinkedIn?
  • What should we start with if we want to make our presence felt on LinkedIn?
  • What kind of content brings greater visibility on LinkedIn?
  • How do we measure the results we get from LinkedIn?

Cristian is a Social Media Strategist with over 5 years of experience, he has been a blogger since 2008 on and the founder of the project, awarded at Webstock Awards as one of the most useful projects on the Romanian online.

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