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February 2020

There has been a lot of talk about this period in recent days. About what we should do and what not. About the power of the community to make things better. About solidarity and kindness in a world where things seem to go crazy. But it's up to us how much we let it affect us. We have the power to move forward; we have the ability to reposition ourselves and push forward with all our might.

At Avoteca, we also did everything in our power not to endanger those around us even more. We work from home, have online meetings and continue our recordings on the Legal Tale podcast through digital applications.

At the same time, we channelled all our forces and attention to our goal; to advance with the Avoteca platform and modernize it, so that you have even less additional things to manage in your activity.


This month we have participated as mentors in the Global Legal Hackathon Romania contest, the Iași regionals. With melancholy, we remembered our own participation as contestants in the 2019 edition, where we validated our vision on what it will become the Avoteca platform.

We proudly present our presentation video that rolled at the beginning of the GLH 2020 contest as encouragement for all teams to follow their dreams, no matter what.

And some pictures with the mentors team and the winners, Identive!
glh-mentors glh-identive lh-winner-team

Media Appearances

Ana-Maria Drăgănuță Briard, the Co-founder of Avoteca, together with the winners of GLH 2020, Iași edition, Gabriel Dumitriu and Alexandra Ungurean, were invited at TVR Iași to talk about the solution proposed by the two for the protection of intellectual property rights in the fashion industry and what it means to organize this crucial legal-tech event in our country.

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