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September & October 2019

September was a full month as we were in preparations for the first two weeks and stabilisation for the last two weeks! Why?

We have launched the BETA version of the platform Avoteca!

After the beta launching, we've made some improvements to the platform and released some additional features:

  • Improved our verification system for lawyers. Now, the lawyers' profiles are not automatically visible after registration. We first verify their status as a lawyer, and only after (!) they appear on the platform for clients to be able to contact them.

  • Added an ABOUT section to the lawyers' profile. Because we know how important it is for clients to have more information about the contacted lawyer, we've added this feature where lawyers can describe their previous expertise in their domain.

  • Added the CREDITS section to the lawyers' profile. Now lawyers can have full transparency of what they are spending for each new client response.

  • Improved thumbnail design

  • Improved the loading information on the website. Therefore, the clients can access the lawyer's profile and contact them in a faster way.

  • Released the Romanian version of the platform Avoteca. Specifically for Romanian clients, we have chosen to create also a Romanian website of Avoteca. The English one is still available for foreigners living or having businesses in Romania.

  • Translated the URLs in Romanian. For a better SEO, more traffic on the website, and thus, more clients for the lawyers, we have created the URLs in Romanian for the Romanian version.

  • Added Gravatar link for the profile pictures. There is not an issue anymore if the lawyers do not choose a profile picture. We have improved our website with the Gravatar link, so that no matter the choice, the overall design of the platform remains sleek and professional.

  • Added SEARCH BY CITY function. From now on, clients will easily find lawyers in their location of interest, by just choosing the city in the dropdown list.

  • Improved SEARCH function. In combination with the city of interest, clients can use words from the areas of expertise to find faster those lawyers better fitted for their needs.

How does then Avoteca help you?

Are you a lawyer? Focus on the legal issue and leave the rest to us:

  • You have a professional online platform designed just for you

  • You will be able to be discovered by international customers and collaborators

  • You will be able to move on only with the clients you want

  • You have a professional online presence that helps you strengthen your career

  • You focus only on the legal issue of your client

  • You will conclude legal contracts and professional collaborations easier and faster

  • You are part of a professional community of young and innovative lawyers

Looking for a lawyer? On Avoteca Platform you will find your legal professional perfect to your cause at your fingertip:

  • You can search, select and filter legal specialists in one place

  • You are sure to contact only lawyers registered in Bars Association appertaining to the National Union of the Romanian Bars

  • You reach a lawyer safely and discreetly, in the privacy of your space, without asking your family or neighbours

  • You contact only specialists with expertise on your problem

  • You will be able to see the recommendations of previous clients, and you no longer have to choose blindly

So, this is it for these months! Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

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