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August 2019

This month was the first month when all our team move to remote work. Although it was a challenge for all of us, it is a very welcomed change as we strive to create a structure that allows our colleagues freedom, time for their own self and family, and peace of mind.

So here's what our team worked for during all this month:

  • We have continued our BETA development as we plan to launch it next month.

There is tremendous work to do, but we want our clients to have the best beta version possible at this moment. We discover everyday issues to be solved and have a unique plan for features to implement, which makes it even harder to schedule what is essential and what it can wait. Nevertheless, we are here, and things are running smoothly for the moment, so I guess we manage to do a good job!

  • Stay tuned, new logo and branding image to be released soon! We are super excited!
  • We started working with a media agency that will counsel us towards the best marketing and social media practices.
  • Legal Tale Podcast Update:

This month we succeded to published two more episodes of the podcast! Here's what you can learn from listening to them:

  1. With Ovidiu Rez, lawyer in Timis Bar Association, owner of Rez Ovidu - Law Office and president of the Association of Young Lawyers from Timis Bar Association.

    Ovidiu took us through the difficulties faced by young lawyers at the beginning of their careers, what does it mean to be a "dedicated" lawyer and what are the main pillars in a lawyer's work with his/her clients.

    When a young lawyer trusts themselves, corroborated with the fact that they read every day, learn something new every day, of course with both attire and behavioural elegance, I think that these bring to any lawyer, young lawyer, fresh on the market, many customers.

You should not personally take any victory or defeat. In the legal field, there are just won cases vs lost cases.*

                                  - Ovidiu Rez, Lawyer
  1. With Ruxandra Visoiu, a lawyer in the Bucharest Bar Association and a founding lawyer of R&R Partners Bucharest.

In this episode, we discussed the relationship between lawyers and     entrepreneurs, lawyers' continuous learning process and practical advice for early-career lawyers.

If you are honest and actually do the right thing, you don't lie to clients, and you take the correct way, you have a lot to gain.

It is essential not to recommend (lawyers) only based on friendship, but also based on competence.

                                  - Ruxandra Visoiu, Lawyer

You can listen to both episodes, in Romanian, on our podcast page, and on the leading podcast platforms (now on Overcast also!): Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Stitcher, Breaker, Radio Public, Overcast and Pocket Casts

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