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July 2019

July was the month of podcasting and celebrations.

The biggest news is that we launched Legal Tale Podcast, available on all the main podcasting applications.

Legal Tale is a podcast with fascinating people from the new generation of lawyers about change, life, and laws. It is hosted by Ana-Maria Draganuta-Briard, lawyer and the Co-founder of Avoteca, and presents life stories of young professionals in law.

Listen to it now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Stitcher, Breaker, Radio Public and Pocket Casts

Our first interview was with Remus Mindru, lawyers in Bucharest Bar Association and vicep resident of the Association "Society of Bucharest Lawyers".

In this episode, Remus tells us about his passion for cooking, the importance of balance in everything we do, but also about the integrity that a lawyer should prove in all the activities carried out in daily life.

The Liability, responsibility and your formation as a lawyer starts from the moment you gained the title of avocat stagiaire

...daily I do something that relaxes me precisely for the sake of balance

It is so sad to be a competent lawyer and solidly prepared, academically prepared, but not to have managerial skills

                                  - Remus Mindru, Lawyer

Enjoy, listen and share ❤️

The month was long, so we managed to split our time into other activities too. Check them all out!

  • Media Appearances

Avoteca is the online platform that will promote young, well-trained lawyers, who want to do their job at the highest level. We aim, thus, to increase the awareness of professionals, to fight the non-professionalism and biased opinions about lawyers, basing our actions on maximum transparency.

Ana-Maria Draganuta Briard, Lawyer & Co-founder of Avoteca

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  4. ProTV ([01:47], please excuse the title, it is hilariously wrong 😂)
  • We have a new logo, hurrrraaayyy! We will soon make the announcements, stay tuned!
  • Celebrations

This month we reminded ourselves how strong one must be to speaking up and defending justice! However, we encourage everyone not to lose faith and keep on fighting! International Day of Justice (17 July)

After we meet and unite our sorrows and tears, we say "Let's build together, hand in hand, something productive out of our anger! Friendship is unlimited and doesn't care about gender or nationality!" International Day of Friendship (30 July).

  • Side Projects

This month we gave the start to the entrepreneurship programme in Bacau, Startup Road. Bold and full of energy, participants developed their project idea on a Business Idea Canvas.

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