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Live @Legal Accelerators 2020

Legal Accelerators is a brand new online international conference and exhibition dedicated to legal technology and innovation that took place on the 26th and 27th of November 2020.

One of its purposes was to bring together legal professionals, legal academia and research centres around the world with tech developers and governmental stakeholders to share from their expertise, and to establish the base for future cooperation.

How was the event and what it meant for us?

Based on our team experience and participation at the event, we can confirm that the Legal Accelerators Conference stood by their promises and delivered in-depth, thoroughly documented information.

For us, at Avoteca, it was another excellent opportunity to interact with legal professionals, other IT developers and professionals or legal marketing experts through digital meetings and private digital chat-rooms. It was yet another perfect opportunity to learn from others and share our experience, learnings and insights on legal entrepreneurship, IT and marketing challenges.

Why should legal professionals attend it?

Legal Accelerators 2020 consisted of two sections, an online conference, with more than 30 international industry experts and an online exhibition of legal tech products and services.

This event was advantageous to all the legal professionals, IT specialists, tech experts, entrepreneurs who wanted to level up their practice and benefit from the latest legal industry technology tools and trends.

Through live talks and interactive workshops, the conference addressed topics such as legal technology, innovation in law, future of the legal professions, cybersecurity and data protection, AI & blockchain, legal design thinking, legal technology regulation & ethics, legal marketing, digital market and digitalisation of the public sector.

The online exhibition of legal technology and innovative products and services offered by top vendors in the industry turned out to be an outstanding result of legal tech innovation. There was a diverse palette of legal digital applications, cybersecurity and data protection, AI and blockchain and many more digital solutions for digital lawyering.

Attending such events, keeping an eye on the industry trends and interacting with your legal peers are actions that a legal professional can always undertake to boost its growth.

At Avoteca, we’re building a lawyers community with enthusiastic members that support and nurture independent legal professionals. Join us!

Monica Sibișteanu

Marketer & Community Manager

07 December 2020

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